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Creating Bright Solutions
HSSC (Hospitality Solutions Saigon Corporation) is a professional company in project development consultancy, pre-opening setup, management, and operation of hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, condotels.

HSSC has grown from the SAVISTA ecosystem's strengths in real estate management.

With experience and prestigious experts, HSSC hopes to be a reliable and mutually beneficial partnership with partners and customers.


  • Investment analysis
    Area market analysis
    Investment cash flow plan
    Capital solutions
    Project profit and loss analysis
    Construction solutions
    Legal advice

  • Efficient operation oriented function consulting base on the design
    Market evaluation & Product Analysis
    Appropriate product orientation
    Brand identity consulting
    Set up long term business Strategy
    Project profit and loss analysis
    Develop HR plan and recruitment on demand
    Set up appropriate HR structure and manning
    Set up appropriate process for the project
    Consulting on suitable infrastructure and equipment investment according to appropriate standard for the property
    Budgeting for investment cost for equipment and materials
    Planning for opening and transfer
    Systems & staffs training based on standard

  • Set up a sales channel
    Set up appropriate business partner network
    Set up a network with key customers
    Detailed cost budgeting for each product
    Cost budgeting per phase
    Develop a database of key and loyal customers for operation
    Create products, business programs annualy
    Create and train key executives
    Propose revenue and cost plan annualy
    Develop corporate culture and business goals for the project

  • Overall project evaluation analysis
    Utilities and functions Consulting
    Planning for advertising and communication strategy
    Investment consulting and capital development
    Details renovation planning
    Construction & design renovation consulting
    Renovation costs development
    Operation costs planning
    Develop brand identity and sales channels
    Develop business processes and reporting systems

  • Review service products and sales channels
    Revenue & cost planning
    Develop strategic service products annually
    Develop advertising and communication plans
    Set up network for project partners and customers
    Business strategy orientation
    Set up sales team and sales SOP
    Coaching & training detailed service product
    Create customer database & category

  • Set up sales team to meet the property's business requirements
    Research & Survey of markets, competitors
    Develop a room rate strategy to optimize revenue
    Optimizing profits for investors
    Represent on behalf of the Investor to attend professional / industry seminars or at Exhibition and Tourism related events

  • Human resource assessment for the project
    Develop standards and HR strategy orientation
    Supply and train key human resources as required
    Planning for Professional development & training
    Develop recruitment and human resources assessment process

  • Security order license
    Security and order report (3 months/period)
    Fire protection system license
    Fire protection periodic report (3 months/period)
    License of food hygiene and safety
    License for spa operations
    Radio license
    Waste discharge permit
    Waste discharge report every 6 months/time
    License to sell alcohol and tobacco
    Foreign currency exchange point license
    Registration license to run the operation
    Price registration license tax department

Benefits of coming to us

The best savings cost investment based on equipment and performance
The optimal solution for the most effective operation
Integrated utility and optimal investment solution
The brand is best built for the common area
Develop effective advertising and sales channel

Rooms & Apartments for rent
Annual Growth Rate
Occupancy Rate
Business Partners

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