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The Story of Human Resources in the Hospitality Industry – Part 2

In the previous article, a senior expert in the field of hotel personnel, Mr. Huynh Thanh Tam – Director of Human Resources & Hotel System Administration, HSSC Company (Hospitality Solutions Saigon Corporation) had interesting sharing about hotel human resources. In this conversation with Mr. Huynh Thanh Tam, we will understand more about the potential and opportunities of the hotel human resources industry today.


Reporter: Nice to meet you again. Sir, as you have shared, human resources are very important to the hotel industry, so to work in this industry, what factors and qualities do employees need?

Mr. Huynh Thanh Tam: Human resources in the hotel industry have many departments, there are basic departments like other industries such as management, accounting, administration, human resources, sales, etc and there are also specific departments of this industry such as the lobby department, the room department, the bar department, the restaurant, etc.

In the framework of today’s conversation, I would like to talk about specific departments and positions of personnel in the hotel industry. Most of them are service jobs, serving customers. Therefore, in addition to the professional knowledge and practical skills that have been trained in schools and classes about their industries and professions, it is required that the personnel in these positions be highly serviceable and truly passionate about their works. I would like to emphasize the passion factor again because these are difficult and hard jobs, without passion, you are very easy to quit.

Imagine if you are a hotel receptionist, you must always work with a smile on your face, it is a must, no matter what your mood that day. When guests come to “check-in” at midnight, you can’t refuse or receive them with a sleepy voice.

In addition, the good use of foreign languages ​​and other soft skills such as communication, handling situations, grasping, learning, etc will also help you go far on the career path in the hotel industry.

Reporter: As a senior in the hotel industry’s human resources, how do you evaluate the human resources of the hotel in Vietnam today?

Mr. Huynh Thanh Tam: In the general development of society, in recent years, the quality and qualifications of the labor force in the field of tourism and hotel in our country have been increasingly improved.

This is a combination of many factors. First of all, it can be seen that now there are many schools and training courses for personnel for the hotel and tourism industry; all levels, from university colleges to short-term training classes, and vocational training. And not only in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, but other provinces now also have schools for training in tourism and hotels. It is a good condition for the learning environment, improving the output quality for human resources in this industry.

Next is the development of the tourism and hotel industry in recent years, which has brought an attractive labor market, attracting and promoting the development of personnel in this field. The presence of international brands along with the system development of domestic brands has contributed to expanding and improving the labor market in the field of hotel and tourism in Vietnam. You have the opportunity to work in international and multinational environments… to learn experiences, standardize processes, and train skills from the world’s leading corporations. Policies on welfare, salary, and bonus have also been significantly improved.

A clear proof of the increase in the quality of human resources of the tourism and hotel industry in Vietnam is that more and more young people are working in international and multinational hotel groups, even without Few of you taking on high-level positions with attractive salaries. And also more and more Vietnamese workers go abroad to work in this industry.

If we don’t consider the impacts of Covid-19 over the past year, tourism and hotels are still one of the attractive and potential industries with good career opportunities, and good working environment, etc. Income is also increasing over time.

Reporter: Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences!

Author: Thanh Toan

Translator: Nam Pham – HSSC Hospitality

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